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No gambling for cash or other consideration is permitted in any licensed establishment that is part of the PlayNation Poker (PNP) league. This is a Criminal Code provision.

Please keep cash off the table at all times, If you are ordering food or beverage, put any change out of sight immediately.

Players are requested to keep in mind that the purpose of the PNP is to support veterans. Accordingly, players are encouraged to support a

Legion venue if they play at one. Without our venues, there is no poker.

All Tournament Directors (TDs) are volunteers and will not tolerate abusive treatment. They do their best to maintain the quality and integrity of the game and enforce PNP rules at all times. Remember that they are people first, so they can and do make mistakes. Please show respect for their decisions.

In case of dispute, the decision of the TD is final.

This is a fun league and we want to keep it that way. There is to be no undue criticism of how another player plays their game.

Getting a bad beat is part of poker and is never an excuse for poor sportsmanship. Again, this is to be a fun league.

All players should demonstrate basic respect for each other, the TDs and the venue staff. Disruptive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, Inappropriate behaviour, such as throwing cards/chips, arguing, excessive cursing, etc may result in the player being removed from the game and/or from PNP.

Profanity is actively discouraged during public events. We want our venues to enjoy the ‘poker element’, not regret it. Remember that some of our venues do not permit profanity as a rule.

Any player caught cheating will be banned from PNP.

DO NOT coach a player who is in a hand.

If any of a player’s card touches the MUCK, their hand will be declared dead.

No card may be retrieved from the MUCK.

No ‘rabbit hunting’, which means looking to see the next card when the hand is over. Rabbit hunting slows down play and does not change the outcome of any hand.

DO NOT comment on active play, unless you are heads up with one other player.

All players must be of legal drinking age in the area where they play. If there is any doubt, photo ID may be requested.

Any player who engages in threatening behaviour or uses abusive language will be asked to leave the tournament. Repeat offenders risk being banned from all PNP venues.

When a player loses all his/her chips, they are eliminated from the tournament and must leave the table and report to the TD. In the event that the eliminated player does not report to the TD, they may be assigned only the minimum points for that game.

A tournament ends when one player has all the chips.

English only at the tables.

Do not splash the pot, which means do not toss your chips into the pot and make it difficult to determine how many chips were part of your action.

In the case of a split pot, the remaining lowest denomination chip will go to the participating player first to the left of the dealer. Change will be made with the lowest denomination chip available at the table.

If players leave the table for any reason, they will still be dealt a hand. If they have not returned when action reaches their position, their hand will be declared dead.

No player can play another player’s hand.

No player may show either of their cards to anyone during active play or their hand will be declared dead.

All chips must be visible at all times. Please keep your largest denomination chips in clear view.

Any player who puts chips in their pocket will be disqualified from the tournament and those chips will be removed from the tournament. The player may also be banned from PNP.

Players’ cards must be visible at all times. If a player lowers cards below the table, that player’s hand will be declared dead.

If a player is dealt an extra card in error, or if a card is seen by any player during the deal, that card will become the burn card.

VERBAL STATEMENTS ARE BINDING. A player must verbally announce their intention BEFORE they take action. If raising, announce the amount of the raise and the amount of the total bet before placing their chips into play.

If a player puts chips into the pot without declaring an intention, it will be considered a call.

The first stated intention is the binding one. For example, if a player were to say, “I’ll call you and raise you”, it’s considered a call.

Staged in bets are not allowed. A staged in bet is when the amount of the action is not declared and chips are put into the pot in more than one move. Because the amount was not declared, this will be considered a call.

No cell phone may be used by a player in an active hand, or your hand will be declared dead. If you must use your cell phone while in an active hand, fold your hand and leave the table to use your phone.

We ask that you respect our rules and any venue rules. Good luck and have fun!

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