I’m getting lots of emails, as expected, telling me that the casinos are open, and asking me about a re-start date for PlayNation.

I stopped into the Cash Casino in Red Deer yesterday and found that the poker room is open but there are plexi-glass barriers that separate every player, so you can’t even touch the player beside you.

I also stopped in to see the Branch Manager at the Red Deer Legion and was told that the Legions don’t have the go-ahead yet to start table games, and can’t even book entertainment. I’m told that they don’t expect to get approval for the rest of this year.

Unless something changes, we won’t be re-starting poker until sometime in 2021. I wish it were different, but we have what we have.

To put it into perspective, we have not had any revenue since March of this year, so I’m paying our bills out of my own pocket, so no one would like to re-start more than me.