Message from Allan.


It’s with a very heavy heart that I’m forced to consider closing PlayNation permanently.

Here is my situation.

First Issue

I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, so my days are numbered. They just can’t narrow down just how much time I have left.

I’ve had 10 chemo treatments so far, 3 weeks apart. Between treatments, I’m a bit of a wreck, physically and emotionally.

Some over-the-counter drugs (100% my cost) have proven more effective at controlling chemo side effects than the prescription drugs, so it’s pay, pay, pay out of my small pension, just to have a little relief.

For example, Blue Cross would rather pay $303 for a prescription of 10 anti-nausea tablets (a 3 day supply), that have limited effectiveness but they won’t pay $14 for 100 Gravol tablets (a one month supply) that actually work better. But I must take the prescription drugs they require me to take before and after chemo.

Another drug I’m required to take before and after chemo is also $303 for 3 tablets.

Both of these have a co-pay of $25 ($328-$25), plus I take several other drugs not fully covered or not covered at all….well, you get the idea.

I’m averaging 2 medical appointments every week. Last week was 4. Parking cost alone is killing me, pardon the pun.

I’m moving to Wetaskiwin on June 5 to be near more medical and emotional support than I have in Red Deer. I’ll be renting a condo there until I move to the hospice for my final days.

I’ve been strongly advised to move now, while I’m still relatively mobile, so I’ll be paying to maintain 2 households until I can sell or rent my existing Red Deer condo. I’ll be going in the hole for over $1,400 per month to maintain the two properties, until I can sell or rent my Red Deer condo. It’s a buyers and renters market. Everything happened so fast, I thought I’d planned out the rest of my life, financially, but then came the cancer to mess that up.

Second Issue

As many of you know, I’ve been subsidising PlayNation out of my own pocket for many years. Just this month, I’ve paid for insurance, PO Box rental (business rate), web hosting and more. I can’t continue doing that. I’ve paid for insurance (for Carstairs) because my broker said it might not be possible to get it again, even if I want to temporarily suspend it. New rules, etc.

The prize money from the last provincials is still there and all 8 final table winners can get their prizes when things re-open.

What I Badly Need

First, I could use some muscle for my move from Red Deer to Wetaskiwin at 9am on Saturday June 5. I have 2 small 6×12 trailers being brought, but one helper is not able to do much physical work.

Secondly, would anyone find a soft spot in their heart to make a donation to help me with both expenses named above? Carol Pion tried her best, with no results. I’m drowning here.

If you can help me in my time of need, please do an eft to and the money will go automatically into the correct account.

I’ve been pleased and proud to have known such a wonderful group of poker players over these past many years. In my eyes, you are more than poker players, you are simply good people. Some have become good friends, but you are all very special to me.

Thank you for putting up with me, and I hope you can help me in my time of need.