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PlayNationTM Poker invites private games to be part of our League.

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A private game is defined as a game that is closed to the public and players can participate by invitation only.

Rules & guidelines and  for private games:

• Players must be PlayNationTM players in good standing, or else complete a New Player Registration Form, just like all other players.
• Players who have been banned from PlayNationTM venues may not participate in private games that are part of the PlayNationTM league.
• To qualify as a PlayNationTM Private Game, and to qualify for cash prizes and Provincial tickets, there must be an average minimum of 4 PlayNationTM players in good standing.
• You can opt to have your exact location kept confidential, so no one can just show up at your door expecting to play.
• You can give your private game a name and, once approved by PlayNationTM, your standings will appear along with all other venues, listed under the name you have chosen.
• Players in private games can qualify for seasonal cash prizes, just like at a public venue.
• Players can qualify for tickets to the provincials, but with some differences. There are no venue choice or wild card ticket tickets.
• Your private game can join the PlayNationTM league at any time during a season, but you must have played a minimum of 6 games in a given season to qualify for provincial tickets.
• It is the responsibility of the Private Game Manager to ensure that local and federal legal requirements are followed. For example, the house can not take a rake.
• You are free to play any kind of poker, but players who advance to the Provincial will be required to play No Limit Texas Hold’em by PlayNationTM standard rules.
• All players must be of legal age and, if they are not qualified to travel and play in the WSOP, they can not win the main prize at the Provincials.
• You may manage or play in as many private games as you wish.

To get started,

contact PlayNationTM using any of the contact forms at the bottom you see at the bottom of this site or send an email to info@playnationpoker.com and request a Private Game Agreement Form.
Once your game and your chosen game name are approved, we will forward you the following:
• New Player Registration Forms
• Game Sign-in Sheets. Players sign in for each private game in which they participate, similar to the forms used at public venues.


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