Event Locations

Wetaskiwin Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 5003 52 Avenue
City: Wetaskiwin
Province: AB
Postal Code: T9A 0W9
Location Description:

Come and play free poker every Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Cory Loe
  • Venue finals: Dale Perkins
  • Venue point leader: Glen Rogers
  • Wild card: Clint Morin
  • Venue choice: Wendy Lance

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Mike Greshner
  • Venue finals: Ryan Haakinson
  • Venue point leader: Glen Rogers (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Les Uhl
  • Venue choice: Bruce Hay

Season 35

  • Venue finals: Pam Reynolds
  • Venue finals: Dale Perkins (2nd Q)
  • Venue point leader: Bruce Hay (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Austin Wadddell
  • Venue choice: Marlo Andaluz

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Dale Perkins6850
2Glen Rogers6200
3Ryan Haakonson5800
4Mike Greshner5600
5Cory Loe4600
6Ron Andreychuk4250
7Bruce Hay3800
8Les Uhl3700
9Clint Morin3650
10Pam Reynolds3050
11Gordon Sawyer3000
12Gena Whiting1600
13Austin Waddell1300
14Christine Hartman1050
15Wendy Lance900
16Andrew Mcguire800
17Marlo Andaluz700
18Robert Mullen500
19Brian Grinde500
20Carla Prediger400
21Robert Crawshaw300
22Bary Ford150

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Mike Greshner300
2Gena Whiting250
3Austin Waddell200
4Bruce Hay200
5Les Uhl150
6Gordon Sawyer150