Event Locations


Area: Alberta
Address: 5110 - 53 Ave
City: Rimbey
Province: AB
Postal Code: T0C 2J0
Location Description:

The location is now the Rimbey Drop In Center, 5110 - 53 Ave.

Game starts at 7:00 pm

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Alvin Johnson
  • Venue finals: Laine Dahms
  • Venue point leader: Lisa Lauinger
  • Wild card: Gena Whiting
  • Venue choice: Ron Andreychuk

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Gena Whiting (2nd Q)
  • Venue finals: Darrin Hagemann
  • Venue finals: Hugh Lee
  • Venue point leader: John Dancey
  • Wild card: Walter Jenson
  • Venue choice: Wayne Mearns

Season 35

  • Venue finals: Reg Wright
  • Venue finals: Barry MacMillan
  • Venue finals: Fred Wilson
  • Venue point leader: John Dancey (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Stan Matthews
  • Venue choice: Allen Dahms

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Fred Wilson5850
2Laine Dahms5350
3Wayne Mearns5325
4Aaron Robinson5300
5Gerri Robinson5100
6Barry Macmillan5075
7Lloyd Schmuland4650
8Walter Jenson4600
9Val Steinhauer4550
10Viola Fawcett4300
11Allen Dahms3200
12Mike Lauinger2950
13Darin Hagemann2625
14Lisa (MUSTANG SALLY) Lauinger1750
15Stephan van Oostrom1650
16Ron Andreychuk1300
17Kerry Levie1175
18Ken Buist1000
19Herman Wegmann450
20Gena Whiting300
21Annie Wit225
22Karen Wilkie150
23Eric Ostergaard100

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Walter Jenson656
2Darin Hagemann404
3Gerri Robinson313
4Aaron Robinson308
5Ken Buist253
6Barry Macmillan219
7Gena Whiting201
8Herman Wegmann201
9Viola Fawcett151
10Fred Wilson116
11Laine Dahms16
12Lloyd Schmuland15
13Wayne Mearns12
14Allen Dahms11
15Mike Lauinger10
16Ron Andreychuk10
17Val Steinhauer9
18Stephan van Oostrom7
19Lisa (MUSTANG SALLY) Lauinger5
20Kerry Levie3
21Annie Wit1
22Eric Ostergaard1