Event Locations

Ponoka Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 3911 Hwy 2A
City: Ponoka
Province: AB
Postal Code: T4J 1J8
Location Description:

Games run every Tuesday night.

Registration at 6:30 pm

Game at 7:00 pm

No meals will be available please have supper before you arrive.

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Mike Greshner
  • Venue finals: Tracey Levesque
  • Venue finals: Stacey Johnson
  • Venue finals: Tammy Emes
  • Venue point leader: Jan Kolb
  • Wild card: Lorna Johnson
  • Venue choice: Dennis Dupuis

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Aaron Robinson
  • Venue finals: Barry Graves
  • Venue finals: Gerry Robinson
  • Venue point leader: Hugh Lee
  • Wild card: Tim Degenhardt
  • Venue choice: Karen Wilkie

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Stacey Johnson7150
2Sandra Olafson6425
3Wayne Mearns5875
4Karen Wilkie5825
5Jan (ANY ACE) Kolb5750
6Brendin Ross5450
7Aaron Robinson4800
8Ron Brisbois4725
9E RICH Luebke4650
10Darren Harder4450
11Walter Jenson4450
12Eric Ostergaard3850
13Viola Fawcett3725
14Darin Hagemann3700
15Hugh Lee3650
16Gerri Robinson3075
17Dennis Dupuis2925
18Alvin Johnson2925
19Ron Andreychuk2700
20Gena Whiting2575
21Bruce Hay2400
22Lorna Johnson1600
23Tim Degenhardt1400
24 Dean (DINO) Craven1350
25Tammy Emes950
26Mike Greshner900
27Rick Boser800
28Clint Morin750
29Tracey Levesque625
30Glen Rogers450
31Barry Groves300
32Carla Prediger100
33Gordon Sawyer100
34Pat (Alvina) Quinn75
35Dennis Dick75
36Pam Reynolds75

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points
1E RICH Luebke900
2Gerri Robinson600
3Sandra Olafson550
4Clint Morin400
5Tracey Levesque400
6Ron Brisbois400
7Mike Greshner350
8Wayne Mearns300
9Gena Whiting250
10Jan (ANY ACE) Kolb100