Event Locations

Red Deer Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 2810 Bremner Avenue
City: Red Deer
Province: AB
Postal Code: T4R 1M9
Location Description:

After being closed for almost 7 months for the renovations the Red Deer Legion is nothing short of spectacular!

Thursday nights at 7:00 pm and is free to play.

The Legion offers an optional 50/50 and meat draws during the poker night.
The Legion offers a full menu and liquor service.

The Red Deer Legion Poker League is currently at 50 players, all ages, all skill levels, featuring both men and ladies (must be 18 years old)

Hope to see you!

Qualifiers for 2020 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 36

  • Venue finals: Darryl McGrath
  • Venue finals: Austin McGrath
  • Venue finals: Ron Coleman
  • Venue finals: Rob Langevin
  • Venue finals: Gord Kyfiuk
  • Venue point leader: Doyle Hansen
  • Wild card: Helen Kyfiuk
  • Venue choice: Jim Waters

Season 37

  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue point leader:
  • Wild card:
  • Venue choice:

Season 38

  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue finals:
  • Venue point leader:
  • Wild card:
  • Venue choice:

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Don (CHARLIE) Shelest1350
2Thelma (SPIDER) Parsons1250
3Mike Kyfiuk1050
4BUNNY Menary900
5Laurie Heyman875
6Austin (SHEEP) Mcgrath850
7Darryl (LEATHER) Mcgrath850
8Sharon (OOKPIK) Van Essen775
9Derek (VEGAS) Billard600
10Donald Heater600
11GORD Kyfiuk600
12KYLE Williams550
13Doyle (PUMPKIN HEAD) Hansen450
14Marilyn (ONE EYE) Borodey400
15Marj (PEE WEE) Shelest400
16Wendell (GUY) Cote300
17Helen (SPEEDY) Kyfiuk250
18Sharon (HIGH POCKETS) Beckley200
19Rob (BIG ROB) Langevin175
20Bill Perlick175
21John Dancey175
22Bill Knox175
23Shirley Langevin150
24Shirley Wait150
25Karen (HOT STUFF) Pajak150
26Colette Romans150
27Ruby Bouchard125
28Deborah Hansen100
29Darlene (CAPTN) Langevin100
30Val (LITTLE BIG MAN) Langevin75
31Ron Coleman75
32Debbie (DEE DEE) Coleman75
33Chris Simoneau75
34Stan Matthews75
35Jeffrey Dawson50
36jim waters50
37Gary Martens50
38Tanishe Gardiner50
39Dwight (DOOGE) Diehl50

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points
150 - 50 Proceeds471
2John Dancey403
3Rob (BIG ROB) Langevin251
4Thelma (SPIDER) Parsons14
5Don (CHARLIE) Shelest7
6Marj (PEE WEE) Shelest6
7Derek (VEGAS) Billard6
8Donald Heater4
9BUNNY Menary4
10KYLE Williams4
11Mike Kyfiuk3
12Austin (SHEEP) Mcgrath3
13Sharon (HIGH POCKETS) Beckley2
14Ruby Bouchard2
15Laurie Heyman2
16Marilyn (ONE EYE) Borodey2
17Doyle (PUMPKIN HEAD) Hansen2
18Wendell (GUY) Cote2
19Helen (SPEEDY) Kyfiuk1
20Bill Knox1
21Debbie (DEE DEE) Coleman1
22Gary Martens1
23GORD Kyfiuk1
24Ron Coleman1
25Darryl (LEATHER) Mcgrath1