Event Locations

Canmore 3 Sisters Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 834 7 Street (Veterans Way)
City: Canmore
Province: AB
Postal Code: T1W 2C3
Location Description:

Thursday night games continue.

Registration at 6:30 PM

Games at 7:00 PM

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Pierre Dube
  • Venue finals: Jeff Caskenette
  • Venue finals: Steve Landi
  • Venue finals: Jiri Korotvika
  • Venue point leader: Dwight Czyz
  • Wild card: Marco Gangingras
  • Venue choice: Henjo Nettisheim

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Matt McGonigal
  • Venue finals: Patti Kowalski
  • Venue finals: Rinel Alimurung
  • Venue finals: Ahmed Kahn
  • Venue point leader: Grant Wilcox
  • Wild card: Arnie Lewis
  • Venue choice: Dean Holton

Season 35

  • Venue finals: Kerry Lee Schulteis
  • Venue finals: Nadia Catherind
  • Venue finals: Robert Pomerleau
  • Venue finals: Grant Wilcox
  • Venue point leader: Kevin Watson
  • Wild card: Kris Laurin
  • Venue choice: Herbert Auhnold

    Current Season Standings

    PlaceNameTotal Points
    1David Motloch2800
    2Dean Holton2600
    3Matt McGonegal2500
    4Teo Sanchez1375
    5John Pedwell1150
    6Martin Pank1050
    7Grant Smith1050
    8Kevin Watson850
    9Patti Kowalski775
    10Andrew Bolt700
    11Marco Gingras675
    12Barb Pedwell475
    13Ernie Huerlimann400
    14Jiri Korotvicka400
    15Dwight Czyz375
    16Jeff Caskenette375
    17Don Mccuag350
    18Henjo Nettesheim325
    19Benjamin Posacki325
    20Ahmed Khan275
    21Herbert Huhnold250
    22Nadia Catherine175
    23George Bird150
    24Peter Mrobik150
    25Grant Wilcox150
    26Jason Blackwell150
    27Marshall Thompson100
    28Gabby Pecora100
    29Don Cawley100
    30Stephan Hous75
    31Phil Katcher75
    32Robert Pomerlean75
    33Romana Permawna75

    Side Points

    PlaceNameTotal Points

    There are no side points yet.