Event Locations

Exshaw Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 14 Heart Mountain Drive
City: Exshaw
Province: AB
Postal Code: T0L 2C0
Location Description:

Come play with us every FRIDAY Night
This is a Play & Go location.

Registration at 6:30 pm

Game starts at 7:00 pm

Please support the Legion with your purchases or volunteer time.
 They make poker possible!

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Lynne Ward
  • Venue finals: Tim Robicheau
  • Venue point leader: Laurie Merriam
  • Wild card: Don Ward
  • Venue choice: Kevin Kuhn

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Lynne Ward (2nd Q)
  • Venue finals: Melody Sproule
  • Venue point leader: Melody Sproule (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Ahmad Kahn
  • Venue choice: Kevin Kuhn (2nd Q)

Season 35

  • Venue finals: Melody Sproule (3rd Q)
  • Venue finals: Laurie Merriam (2nd Q)
  • Venue point leader: Bruce Buckle
  • Wild card: Theresa Charbonneau
  • Venue choice: Catherine Nadia (2nd Q)

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Catherine Nadia8200
2Tim Robicheau8100
3Bruce Buckle7950
4Lynne Ward7800
5Melody Sproule7200
6Donald Ward5750
7Rick Byatt4650
8Theresa Charbonneau4500
9Kevin Kuhn3900
10Chris. Barr3200
11Wilma Bushulak2600
12Ahmed Khan2300
13Kim Salekin1800
14dennis mickelberry650
15Marilyr Matty600
16Keiren Kondruk150

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points

There are no side points yet.