Event Locations

Olds Legion

Area: Alberta
Address: 5241 46 Street
City: Olds
Province: AB
Postal Code: T4H 1H5
Location Description:

Please support your Legion with your purchases or volunteer time. They make poker possible!

Games run every Wednesday Night.

Registration starts at 6:30 pm

Game begins at 7:00 pm

Qualifiers for 2019 Provincials. Please help to ensure that everyone on the list knows they’ve qualified.

Season 33

  • Venue finals: Don Speers
  • Venue finals: Valerie Pearson
  • Venue finals: Wilf Boese
  • Venue point leader: Valerie Pearson (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Ken Waugh
  • Venue choice: Conrad Kohl

Season 34

  • Venue finals: Wayne Glass
  • Venue finals: Don Speers (2nd Q)
  • Venue finals: Rick Elliott
  • Venue point leader: Rick Elliott (2nd Q)
  • Wild card: Bev Wilson
  • Venue choice: Perry Powell

Current Season Standings

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Wayne Glass9025
2Jim Thomson6750
3Wilf Boese5975
4Rick Elliott5850
5Gary Pion5425
6Ron Bruce5325
7Don Speers5175
8Carol McLean-Pion5150
9Conrad Kohl4875
10Fazlur Rahaman4675
11Norm Block4625
12Valerie Pearson4150
13James Wilson3475
14Leo Quinlan3250
15Ken Waugh3150
16William Tolley2925
17Beverley Wilson2750
18Laurel Dubois2750
19Perry Powell2675
20Garnet Hammer2675
21Doc Forbes2525
22Wayne Syms2000
23Ed Potter1750
24Dave Dutchak600
25Kelly Kohl 475
26Shane Matchullis225
27Neil Skaluba150
28Mable Forbes75

Side Points

PlaceNameTotal Points
1Ron Bruce1800
2Wilf Boese1500
3Jim Thomson1200
4Laurel Dubois700
5Perry Powell500
6Doc Forbes400
7Norm Block400
8Conrad Kohl400
9Kelly Kohl 400
10Rick Elliott400
11Don Speers400
12Ed Potter400
13Neil Skaluba400
14Wayne Glass350
15Mable Forbes300
16James Wilson200